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Cagliari: a different kind of Italy

There’s part of Italy that might surprise you. Curious where it is? Book a flight to Cagliari and discover Sardinia’s picturesque capital where beaches, culture and delicious food form a perfect blend. Admire the island’s Roman ruins and ancient churches, visit fascinating caves or go bargain hunting in its charming shopping streets, Via Manno and Via Garibaldi. Cagliari is a delight!

Elephant Tower

Like Rome, Cagliari was built on 7 hills. Perched on one of them is the Castello, the medieval citadel towering over the city, where you’ll also find the university, cathedral and some of Cagliari’s finest museums. You’ll be captivated by centuries of Sardinian history at the National Archaeological Museum. Or be rewarded with spectacular views of the harbour and the azure-blue Mediterranean after climbing the Torre di San Pancrazio or Torre dell’Elefante, named after the elephant over the gate. Cagliari is an ideal destination for weekend holidays and the perfect starting point for a longer vacation in Italy. Treat yourself: book a flight to Cagliari now!

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Picnic in the Giardini Pubblici

The covered San Benedetto market is the place where the Sardinians get their groceries. Buy something delicious for lunch here and then have a picnic in the charming Giardini Pubblici. Be sure to visit the adjacent Galleria Comunale D’Arte di Cagliari for a dose of modern art. Or have a stroll through the elegant Marina harbour district and then end your day at one of the beach bars of Poetto beach with a nice glass of chilled prosecco. Cin-cin!

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