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Historic splendour in hilly landscapes

Want to see the real England? Book a flight to Humberside and marvel at historic masterpieces such as the Normanby Hall mansion and Thornton Abbey. Humberside is a former county that straddles the river Humber and has wonderful areas of natural beauty and small towns. This is England through and through.

Discover the city

Kingston-upon-Hull, also known as Hull, is the largest city in the region. Stroll around the marina, shop in Princess Quay Centre and visit Hull Maritime Museum. The pride of the city is The Deep, a huge aquarium where green sawfish swim among impressive rays. The Fish Trail is also interesting to visit. Children can hunt here for the 41 fish hidden along the route while you take in the best sights. Humberside is not only the ideal destination for a weekend holiday, it’s also the perfect starting point for a longer vacation in England. Treat yourself: book a flight to Humberside now!

Book a flight to Humberside

Take a boat trip to lovely seaside resorts

The nature in Humberside is breathtaking. It’s wonderful to rent a car and drive through the rolling landscape of the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Drive over the grassy hills to the seaside resort of Skegness. Alternatively, head north and discover the equally rolling landscape of the Yorkshire Wolds on the way to Bridlington. It’s a lovely seaside resort that is excellent for fishing, swimming or surfing. Slip into your wetsuit, wait for the right swell, and get paddling.

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