London Fashion City

British fashion designers are known for their innovative, intelligent and ‘edgy’ designs. London has more than enough to offer fashionistas ─ from major fashion brands like the unconventional Alexander McQueen and McG to the classic Stella McCartney and, of course, the ‘lady of punk’ Vivienne Westwood, who have established flagship stores with the best from their collections.

Window-shopping at Vivienne Westwood

Window-shopping at Vivienne Westwood

Westwood's shops

Vivienne Westwood is one of Britain’s best known fashion designers. With bright orange hair, red-painted lips and provocative clothing, this elderly designer (born in 1941) is still very much part of the fashion circuit. She has no fewer than 3 shops in London. Her flagship store is located at 44 Conduit Street, where the newest collection is available. Further down the street is a shop where she sells her men’s collection and she also has a branch on Davies Street that specialises in wedding clothing and haute-couture dresses.

The Laden Shop offers creative and affordable fashion

The Laden Shop offers creative and affordable fashion

Designers gather on Brick Lane

Barry Laden, owner of The Laden Shop, knows Brick Lane like the back of his hand. Many years ago, his grandparents immigrated to the neighbourhood, a district that was originally plagued by considerable poverty and misery, but is now a fun shopping destination with young designer and vintage shops. Barry Laden’s shop offers a platform for 70 young fashion designers, who create trendy, creative and original clothing at an affordable price. And the chance that someone else will be wearing the same outfit is extremely small.

The Hunky Dory Vintage Valhalla

The Hunky Dory Vintage Valhalla

Specially for vintage lovers

Vintage lovers with a predilection for small spaces filled with people will love Hunky Dory. It’s a small shop, but its many clothing items are sorted by colour, so you can find that perfect yellow jacket or red dress. It’s also a great place for colourful bags and design hats. Male retro lovers can enjoy 2 racks of ‘golden oldies’. Prices range between 40 and 150 pounds. The sales racks are also often filled with real gems.

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